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How to Earn Money With Online Casino Affiliates

How to Earn Money With Online Casino Affiliates

When looking to figure out just how much online casino affiliates earn, it s extremely important to first make a distinction between public individuals and high-level corporate affiliates. The latter often hire the services of a large staff and their employed workers work around-the- clock to get the very best results for the online casino owner. This does not mean however that online casino affiliates are able to pocket-book the jackpots at any given moment. It simply means that their results are not always guaranteed to be very high because there are so many other online casino games and slot machines out there.

Some of the best online casino affiliates in terms of earnings and commissioning sales are people who promote actual casino games through new casino sister sites third-party sites such as blogs and even news publications. Some examples of this would be igaming affiliate promotions, which is when an online casino allows its members to place a wager on one of its online slots. Popular online casino affiliates may also take a dual approach to advertising. They may work to advertise on mainstream media outlets such as magazines and even television news shows. In order to do this successfully however, it is best for online casino affiliates to focus on large-scale gambling games such as poker or blackjack because they are the most likely to attract a lot of potential customers from a wide variety of different demographics. A good example of this is when professional football players endorse products related to football, or baseball players promote a sport related product.

The second type of affiliate commissions that online casino affiliates can receive would come from different methods of payment. One of these is called “drip” commissions while the other would be “chase” commissions. Both of these types of commissions can prove highly lucrative for the right affiliate and can be quite profitable depending upon the commission structure. For instance, some online casinos offer their members several payment options that may include pay per click, pay per lead, pay per sale, and pay per action.

In terms of payment, the two main methods would include one of the two most popular forms of payments online, namely Paypal and Facebook. Paypal is considered the more secure payment method by many online casino affiliates because of its extensive security network. However, a recent study showed that over half (52%) of all betting site members use Facebook to pay for their gambling transactions, making it the third most popular payment method after Paypal and Google checkout.

In order for online casinos to allow affiliates to take advantage of this system, they generally set up a system where affiliates are rewarded with commissions when gamblers place a bet or place their money in an online casino account. Since affiliates have no inventory, costs, or any type of overhead costs, they can afford to pay for their advertising costs using high-return marketing programs that pay a high percentage of revenues to affiliates who refer new players. These programs usually pay commissions of about 30% of the amounts spent by customers. This method is very effective for small casinos that do not have substantial capital to spend on pay per click or other marketing methods. With this form of commission, you will have instant online profits that will allow you to buy more games and increase your profits.

If you want to get into the bitstarz craze, the recommended way is to find a list of casinos that accept bitstarz as an affiliate program. Once you get a list of online casinos, check their website for information on how you can sign up as an affiliate. Most casinos require that you create a Facebook or MySpace page so that you can inform others about your online casino affiliation. The bitstarz craze will only grow in the coming years.